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Why 3.2 million Americans Quit Their Day Jobs This Year.

Find out why in the 30-second case study below...

My 2022 Callouts Record

Up to $375,000 Gains YTD

(+335.7% Returns)

Cost to Join                                    LESS THAN $100 a week!

Here's What You Get:

● Real-time contact with your instructor
● Real-time stock research missed by most traders
● Live classes with your instructor that accommodates most schedules
● An instructor that has 10-year plus experience in trading, perfecting his craft
● A full-year apprenticeship
● A life-long apprenticeship
● Weekly text messages of the hottest stock tickers
● Weekly text messages of the “Entry”, “Target” and “Stop” points
● Ability to identify institutional markers in the stock charts
● Learn how institutions move and how they influence the market
● Exclusive one of a kind method that is not available anywhere in the world
● Knowledge that the method (if implemented correctly) will pay dividends for a lifetime

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I was tired of driving a truck. I found Rocket Day Trading Online and made over $2,000 in my first week. I wish I had discovered this method sooner!

Johnny Garcia, Rocket Trader

What is Not Knowing the Rocket Trading Method Costing You?

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60-Minute Trade
+$2,300 Profit

CMRA 06-15.png

30-Minute Trade
+$1,200 Profit

REV 06-17.png

25-Minute Trade
+$1,475 Profit

Quit Your Day Job With A Risk-Free Trading Method. We'll Prove It!

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What if I were to tell you there is a way for you to quit your job, only work an hour

a day and have all the money you could ever want. Would you believe it?

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s true.

The stock, real estate, and bond markets are likely on the brink of collapse. The
Federal Reserve has printed 5 times the total US currency within the past 2 years. The
influx of money created has all of it chasing the same goods and services which causes
prices to rise and inflation to swell. With prices and costs high, this will lead businesses
to make massive cuts to both production and services. The first to go will be employees.

So, where do people turn to solve their financial woes? If not a job or the
government, then where?

Learn the secret “Rocket Trading Formula” that will make you
a part of the 10% winners rather than the other 90% of traders that lose

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Lifetime Access to Financial Freedom

Are you satisfied with your income? Ready to be your own boss?

Learn this simple trading method and never work a day job ever again.

Meet John Cota, The Man Behind the
Rocket Trading Formula

John started out with a teaching degree and began teaching high school students subjects like English and Math. John soon wanted to explore a new industry and dipped his talents into personal training, building himself up enough to become a 3-time marathon runner.


But John’s genius (3 Associate degrees / 2021 Teachers degree / 2022 UCI Honors) wouldn’t allow him to only rely on his physique, soon after John took a stab at stock trading and that’s where his story takes flight. John began to read countless books on trading strategies, market indicators and expert analysis. But John wanted more than knowledge, John wanted guidance. So John reached out and interviewed the most successful traders in history, names like Mark Minervini, Jesse Livermore, John F. Carter, Ross Cameron and Ricky Gutierrez
(among others).

With their mentorship, along with personal research, countless hours of analyzing thousands of chart patterns, and years of trial and error to perfect his method. John discovered the formula that can turn losses into gains, newbies into experts and the truly lost working man into a professional investor that will never have another sleepless night again.

John began implementing his newly created “Rocket Trading Formula” and soon discovered very quickly that not only does it work, but it performs better than the most expensive trading strategies currently on the market. Now making money hand over fist and seeing his financial future secure, there seemed to be something missing from John’s life. Teaching!

John always had a passion for teaching students and now he had a way to not only educate someone the ways of the market, but to truly affect their lives for the better with tangible real-life results.

John has been teaching his “Money Printer Formula” students for 3 years now.

The majority have had such success that they have been fortunate enough to quit their day jobs and focus more on what they want. But, this is not enough for John. John
wants to expand his reach and help more people become financially free.

People like you

John knows the unfairness of the world and how the system is set-up for you to fail and just stay complacent in your misery. John wants to do something about it and he
wants to start with you.

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